Tuesday, January 11, 2011


First day di Batam..

I though bisa menjadi hari-hari yang menyenangkan since i book a exceutive class at 4 stars hotel.
I though it will be a romantic days...

I'm happy at first..
But now.. classic...
He makes me sad, make me hurt..
so menurut lu gw ada mood buat holiday buat sisa 4 hari ini?
I hate this...

Sometime I wanna ask him, Are really ready for married life?

atau I'm only a pelipur lara?
when u need me i should be there..
when u dont need me, u can go fucking happy with other
leave me alone, you go fucking drunk..
back on the morning..
say I love you I love you...
im sorry.. im sorry..
and only 10 minutes you falling sleep..
I even dont have any mood for sleep..
dont you now how i waiting for u a whole night and u didnt back?

Do you know how sad I'm?
Do you know how hurt I'm?

Maybe u will never understand as u said I never understand you..

Look.. i really wasting money book this hotel without any mood now..


ToM kuU said...

so sorry for u dear.... -__-

hope it will get better then...


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