Saturday, January 1, 2011

Batavia Old City

Time flies very fast...
6 years since my last visited to this place.
well known as OLD CITY @ Jakarta

6 years ago I came here with collage classmate for guiding exam, studying, or just for fun.
Now I come back with my husband, Willy.
well, we just having fun here..
He is really enjoy taking picture to anywhere, anyone n anythings

We rent a bicycle, we bike from Fatahillah museum to Sunda Kelapa for take Phinisi's Picture then Intan bridge which is already 300 years.. (Amazing !).

Colorful Bicycle ready for rent. IDR 30.000/day

Husband's tired face after bike a whole day

Action on Camera

I'm at Sunda Kelapa

Enjoy Es Potong at Fatahillah, only IDR 2.000



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