Saturday, April 25, 2009

How I was Waiting His SMS

24 April 2009
ok not any SMS at the morning
3:22 PM : SMS to him
(no receive any replay from him)
5:17 PM : SMS to him again
6:15 PM : SMS to him once more time
(FINALLY, recieve his SMS. i Wait his SMS from morning but at least at 9:24 Pm i got a short SMS from him.
9:24 PM : ok He sms said he leave his HP.
(no more sms until..)

11:04 PM: Pia sms again
11:18 PM : Pia sms I Miss You
11:26 PM : XOXOXO
12:05 PM : Sms once more time, "Are you sleep?"

And now I just know that he was Watching TV that means too busy to reply my SMS. and after finish his movie, he is too tired to chat with me.

It's looks like I'm mean nothing to him.


Diana Ang said...

dcuekin kaya gt emang bikin gemes say. huh!!


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