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Hellofest 8 Artikel by Willy

This a repost from : Kompasiana

Why post here? 'cos i love this article...

My Hubby write this for winning an iPad2 competition.

And this event is so Awesome.. cant wait for next Hellofest next year

Hellofest8 - An Event That Connect!

“Today is the day” i thought when waking up on saturday 4th of February 2012. The flow of energy has been different since i am expecting to go to Hellofest 8 at Balai Kartini. Due to work, i planned to go in the afternoon after i got off at 1pm.

Time do flies and it suddenly is 1pm, i quickly clean up my desk and pick up my 7 months pregnant wife (who is also very looking forward to it) and head toward hellofest8 at Balai Kartini. My enthusiasm turn into frustation after almost 2 hours in traffic and the entrance was closed due to parking spots has been fully taken. I was really dissapointed when with a stroke of luck, suddenly a security guard opened up the entrance and i was the second car in line to get in, “This is my lucky day” i drive into Balai Kartini with a big grin on my face.

Anyway, after circling balai kartini a few times and found a parking spot we got into hellofest8 at around 5.30pm!!! Fortunately, it was still really, really.. and i mean really crowded.


if three is a crowd, what is this?

First thing me and my wife did was to the rest room, after almost 2,5 hours of traffic, we needed it bad! Then we start going around the hall. Left and right we saw people with amazing customes busying themselves setting up their costumes and taking pictures. Some costumes are really simple yet amusing, some are complex and fascinating. But i gotta agree that most are very entertaining to see and never fail to put a smile on my face. The effort put into this is really amazing.


What we see is actually a team massive effort

After circling on the ground floor we decided to go upstair and take alook around more, but it is quite a challenge to do so. People are lining up to go upstair via the escalator, and access to the escalator only open every 10 - 15 minutes and line just keep piling up more and more, i guess this crowd control by the organiser sort of work, it doesn’t seems to have any accidents reported, good job to the organiser.


Even super heroes need to get in line in Hellofest8

After i got into the upper level, me and my wife looked around and took a few pictures. Some costumes are scary, some are delightful. I have a few encounter with some cosplay-er and have some picture takens. It never cease to amaze me how they come up with those ideas.


My Close encounter with the Ghost Rider!

We were planning to get into the hall to watch the movie, but decided to throw that thought away due to the massive amount of people still queuing to get in. Then we encounter another team of cosplay-er with simple yet scary costume, i can’t help but to approach them for another funny shot i have on my mind.


Another scary encounter on hellofest8

Also, i would like to take this opportunity to really thanks a lad who offers my 7 month pregnant wife his seat when we are struggling to find one in the dining hall to grab something to eat. I didn’t catch his name and i don’t think i would ever remember his face again, but if you are reading this, know that your action really do make a difference in our day and next time i see a pregnant lady, i would gladly offer my seat to her as well. kudos to you, i still believe indonesian is a friendly bunch!

All in all, it’s an very enjoyable experience.. It’s really good to see how all the youngster are channeling their energy to something positive. Hellofest is definitely one of a kind event that really connect us as a citizen in this big metropolitan city.



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