Monday, August 12, 2013

Taiwan Trip

Our First Trip to Taiwan
On Aug 2013 Lebaran's Holiday

This trip really make me tired.
But we have a wonderful memories on this trip.
And I love the food..

Waiting for the flight on Soekarno Hatta International Airport

@Ximenting Night Market

This is Yummy, really...

Our Family

Taiwanese wishes on bamboo

Famous Alishan's Train Station


The whole member of this trip
Ready to blow up this wishes lampion 

there you go.. fly away to the sky..

Shopping time

My both precious guys in my life

I really love this picture
Its just look like Quinton thinking this, "I'm so proud of my parents"

I love you so, Quinton

Let's get a walk

Lokal people call this bridge "Thien chang di Jiu" means happiness 

My boy in action

I believe I can Fly?

Look! Who's Handsome here?



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